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Serra da Lousã




The Lousa Mountain has dazzling

landscapes at any time of the year.

We can have snow in the winter, an

explosion of colors in the spring, lots

of cool corners in the summer and the fall

with its yellow, orange and brown tones.




The fauna of Lousa Mountain is abundant

and diverse. It has on the deer its ex-libris

but also there are the buck, the wild boar,

the fox, the ferret the wild rabbit and many

other species, some protected such as otter,

the  lusitanian salamander or the kingfisher.




The flora of Lousa Mountain is rich and

varied. Evergreen stains persist in their

moist fresh corners and in them we

found forests of oaks and chestnut trees.

In drier and sunny areas we find

holm oaks and heather white and pink.

Our Tours

The Schist Villages


Schist Villages


Between the slopes and streams of

Lousa Mountain, there are the

Schist Villages. They are small memories

of the old Portugal stops in time.

Discover and be enchanted by Talasnal

Cerdeira, Gondramaz, Aigra Velha…

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