Autumn tour

Autumn in the deer mountain!


Offroad ride + Hiking + Schist Villages

Daily tour by reservation in Lousa Mountain.

The Veado Verde / Green Deer challenges you to live an experience in Lousa Mountain that includes offroad activities, hiking and visiting the Schist Villages. With the arrival of autumn, the deer mountain is filled with yellow, orange and brown tones, which blend with the evergreen areas, so typical of the Lousa Mountain. We will cross chestnut trees, oaks and birches stains, which at this time of year we extend an authentic leaves carpet and where we will observe flora and fauna, paying particular attention to the deer, ex-libris of the Lousa Mountain. Get ready, the beauty of an evergreen mountain painted in autumnal colors will leave you dazzled!

Maximum number of people per tour: 4

Pickup point: Coimbra, Largo da Portagem

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GPS Coordinates
Lat:    N 40º 12' 25,9''
Long: W  8º 25' 46,6''

Start Time: 07:00 *
End time:  11:00
Start Time: 15:00 *
End time:  19:00

(* Summer time)

End time is approximate. This time may change depending on the conditions.



If you are nature tourism lover or simply need to be away from the stress and chaos of the city, the Veado Verde / Green Deer gives you an unforgettable trip to the Lousa Mountain, taking you to observe one of the most well-kept treasures of this mountain, the deer in the wild.

This tour will combine observation of some species of fauna, namely the deer, its vestiges and territorial markings, but also bucks and wild boars and the diversity of it's flora that paints the mountains and makes its landscapes breathtaking.

The cultural and human aspect of the schist villages is also part of this tour. We will go to Gondramaz, a unique opportunity to know the life and traditions of this mountain people. Finally we will visit Loucainha natural pools.








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Price Includes:
Specialized guide;
Transportation to/from Lousa mountain;
Coffee or tea in a schist village;
Jeropiga tasting
Photography offer;
Personal Accident Insurance;
Liability insurance;
Binoculars loan;
Price does not include:
Other, unspecified as included;
Veado Verde / Green Deer
Alfredo Manuel R.R.Mateus
ITP License RNAAT n.º 1331/2018;
Recognized as Nature Tourism by ICNF.

Please read carefully before signing up.

Event Difficulty: Level 1 - Easy - Accessible to all, including children over 6 and who are accustomed to walking. The pedestrian route is carried out on mostly flat and slightly hilly terrain, without major technical and physical difficulties. There may be some gaps but they will usually be accessible to the vast majority of people.

Age Limit: Due to the nature and difficulty of this event, all participants must be at least 6 years old.*

Signing up: Your registration is required. If you are registering more than one person, fill out a form for each participant, regardless of their age.

Must Carry: Water (1 liter) and clothing and footwear appropriate to the season and weather conditions at the date of the tour.

Lunch: Lunch is optional and paid separately on site. You can choose a restaurant in a schist village or a picnic in the mountains.

* - Veado Verde / Green Deer has children's transportation seats in the 4WD vehicle. In the case of children under 6 years old, the pedestrian route can be adapted.

Maximum number of participants: 4 people



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Veado Verde / Green Deer
Alfredo Manuel R.R.Mateus
Coimbra, Portugal
Registered in the Portuguese Tourism Institute
with the License RNAAT 1331/2018
Recognized as Nature Tourism by ICNF






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