Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


By accessing the website www.veadoverde.pt you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, so please read these carefully. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions you should not access, view or enter data on this site.

We encourage you to visit this page regularly to keep track of any changes that may have been made to them.



The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® is a trademark owned and registered and that identifies the services provided and activities organized by Alfredo Manuel Mateus, VAT nº. 184 396 298, holder of RNAAT License nº. 1331/2018 of the Institute of Tourism of Portugal, and recognized by the ICNF as Nature Tourism.


These conditions are intended to establish the terms governing the relationship between Veado Verde / Green Deer ® and the person or entity acquiring the services provided by Veado Verde / Green Deer ®. Registration in any of the activities presupposes the reading, knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions. We also recommend a careful reading of the specific conditions of each activity.


We reserve the right to remove or change services and contents without prior notice. We are not responsible if, for any reason, this site is unavailable for a certain period of time. We may occasionally restrict access to some areas of it.


The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® is not liable for damages or losses that may arise from the use of any information contained in this site.


Some links on this site redirect the user to external sites, Veado Verde / Green Deer ® partners. By clicking on these links, you are leaving the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® site. As we have no control over these sites, we are not responsible for the contents contained therein.


All website content: texts, images, photographs, logos are produced by Veado Verde / Green Deer ®. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce and publish them without the prior written permission of Veado Verde / Green Deer ®.


The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® does not recognize rights to any material and / or ideas that may be presented on this website by the visitors and without having been previously requested by us. The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® reserves the right to consider all material submitted through this website as non-confidential and not covered by the intellectual property rights of third parties, and may be used in advertising and promotions created by Veado Verde / Green Deer ®, which shall not in any case be considered as collaborative works, collective works or composite works.

If you suspect that content on this site may violate copyright, please contact us immediately at the following addresses:

Alfredo Manuel Mateus
Veado Verde / Green Deer
Quinta do Rossaio, Lt.24
3040-656 Coimbra
Email: veadoverde@gmail.com



The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® is not responsible or provide any warranties with respect to the information provided through this site. You may find access links to other websites, not being the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® responsible for the content, accuracy, credibility and functionalities of third party websites.

The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue this site or any part of its contents without prior notice, not assuming responsibility for any interruptions in the presentation of the website, for viruses or for other damages that may be caused to its users.

Any connection between the website and other websites is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Veado Verde / Green Deer ®.



The Veado Verde / Green Deer ®reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Whenever we do, we will post the date of the last update.



This site has been created and is operating under the terms of the Portuguese Law. Access to this site is subject to acceptance of the present conditions and any litigation related to it will be regulated by the current Portuguese legislation, being competent only the courts of the district of Coimbra, expressly renouncing any other. In case any of the conditions are considered, by virtue of a judicial decision, null, illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect the remaining conditions, which will remain valid to the maximum extent legally permitted.



Service proposals (price, location and other information) will be valid only for the dates presented.
It's description on our website and in the proposals sent to customers is abbreviated but as explicit as possible. However, their content and format may change slightly, depending on the time of year in which they occur, and as a result of weather conditions that change or change. Possible changes will be communicated in a timely manner to customers.



The expected duration of the activities is given only as an indicative and approximate way, depending on the reality of factors external to the guides. Therefore, the indication of an hour to the end of the activity may therefore change.


There is a tolerance of 15 minutes, by reference to the time indicated for the beginning of the activity, so that all the participants meet at the set meeting point, after which we will start the activity with the participants who have appeared.



Reservations in any activity of Veado Verde / Green Deer ® shall only be effected by the following means:

  • Fill out the online booking form on our website: www.veadoverde.pt
  • Phone contacto: +351 935 106 967

Please note that the following information will be requested at the time of your registration: name, e-mail, telephone, tour and date chosen.

Meaning that in this act you are making the purchase of the requested service and agree to the General and Specific Conditions of the activity. In this way, it undertakes to pay for all the services provided in the activity for which it has made its reservation.

After making the reservation / registration you must proceed to prepay the activity for which you have registered by bank transfer, to the IBAN indicated in the automatic email that you will receive in response to your reservation, being necessary the sending of the respective proof to the e-mail veadoverde@gmail.com

If you wish a receipt with your VAT number, you must request it at the time of registration.

At the time of your registration / reservation, the Customer assumes some commitments to the  Veado Verde / Green Deer ® :

- To have taken knowledge of and accept these Terms and Conditions of participation, as well as the activity in which the Client subscribes, which constitutes the particular conditions of participation in the activity.

- That it is in health conditions appropriate to the activity in which it is inscribed and accepts the nature of the same.

- Who is aware of the type of physical and psychological demands that the activity involves and that could lead to unforeseen situations.

- That you respect the guides and the other participants of the event, in all aspects.



  • In the event of the need to cancel an activity due to adverse weather or other circumstances beyond our control, the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® it will inform the customer as soon as possible and will make every effort to present an alternative date of its convenience or, in some cases, the full amount of the reservation may be refunded, if there are no commitments previously made with third parties.
  • The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® reserves the right to cancel activities in the following cases:
    • There is no minimum number of registrations to carry out the activity;
    • Weather or other conditions make it impractical;
    • Failure to meet the safety conditions that we consider necessary for carrying out the activities;
  • The client, if he wishes to give up the activity, may receive a full refund of his payment under the following conditions:
    • Informing the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® at least 48 hours in advance of the start of the activity and if the Veado Verde / Green Deer ®, following the reservation made, has not already made commitments to other operators involved in the activity.
    • In the case of the events sold out the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® does not refund the amounts already paid.
  • All activities provide for at least two participants to be held. In the event that the minimum quantity is not  reached, the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® informs the customer with reservation, who can choose one of the following alternatives:
    1. Carrying out the activity on a different date;
    2. Accomplishment of the activity for a higher price;
    3. If the alternatives are not valid options, the customer will be refunded.



  • The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® in the activities it carries out scrupulously complies with safety standards in order to reduce the risk associated with them.
  • However, participants should bear in mind that the risk inherent in the activities developed can not be reduced in its entirety, so the participant should also adopt prophylactic behavior.
  • These risks can be minimized or practically eliminated by complying with the safety standards described in the "Code of Conduct and Good Practices of Visitors" by the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forestry (ICNF), which are provided to customers at the beginning of the activity.
  • The Veado Verde / Green Deer ® is not responsible for improper behavior of the participants during the activities, and may terminate an activity if the safety conditions or minimum standards of conduct are involved.
  • The participant is responsible for:
    • To abide by and comply with the instructions and information provided by the guides, as well as comply with the regulations in force in all places visited and service providers used;
    • Respect the schedules established by the Veado Verde / Green Deer ®, as well as respect the other participants of the activity, the guides or companions;
    • Ensure that you are in good health for the practice of the activities, and must inform in advance about any health problems or specific needs;
    • To respect the norms of conduct and to watch over nature conservation;



  1. The Nature Tourism activities organized and carried out by the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® are in accordance with the legal framework in force in Portugal and are covered by the following insurance:
    1. Civil Liability Insurance covering all and any property or non-equity damage caused by claims incurred in the course of activities;
    2. Personal Accident Insurance for participants in the activities.
  2. All prices include:
    1. Taxes in force in Portugal;
    2. Collect and return to the meeting place;
    3. Permanent monitoring by guide;
    4. Consultation of field guides (Birds, Flora, Fauna, Insects);
    5. Use of optical equipment (Binoculars);



All website contente of Veado Verde / Green Deer ® (texts, photographs and information) is protected by copyright and may not be used without prior authorization from the Veado Verde / Green Deer ®.

  • The activities carried out by the Veado Verde / Green Deer ® are recorded photographically so that any participant can be included in these photographs.
  • The photographs collected by us may be used for the purpose of divulgation our services on our website and pages of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and may also be used by the company in brochures, flyers and posters always with the purpose of publicizing the activities to be carried out.
  • If you do not agree to this policy you must inform the company by email (veadoverde@gmail.com) which does not authorize the use of your photos in the divulgation of our events, in the gallery of the website and pages of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you want to see your published images with your credits you should always put in the pictures that you give us your name.



Veado Verde / Green Deer ®
Alfredo Manuel R.R.Mateus
VAT nº: 184 396 298
Headquarters: Quinta do Rossaio, Lt.24
3040-656 Coimbra
Tlf: (+351) 935 106 967 / (+351) 936 958 629
Email: veadoverde@gmail.com
Website: www.veadoverde.pt


This page was last updated August 2018


Veado Verde / Green Deer
Alfredo Manuel R.R.Mateus
Coimbra, Portugal
Registered in the Portuguese Tourism Institute
with the License RNAAT 1331/2018
Recognized as Nature Tourism by ICNF






Telephone:  +351 935 106 967
(Call to national mobile network)
WhatsApp:  +351 935 106 967

Email:  veadoverde@gmail.com