Pena, Schist Village

Lost deep in the mountains, right in the heart of Lousa Mountain, the village is located in the appropriate parish of Covas do Rio, in São Pedro do Sul and is one of the four schist villages in the municipality of Gois The others are Comareira, Aigra Nova and Aigra Velha.

After descending to the depths of the valley, the village surprises us, offering a unique and inspiring scenery. Protected by the Penedos de Gois and with a brook of crystalline water at its feet, the whole village invites to contemplation. The schist and slate casario draws attention to its good state of conservation.

We had already been there a few years ago when we made the offroad crossing from the Lousa Mountain to Estrela Mountain, but the beauty of this village always worth a visit and now in summer, its river invites a refreshing swim…!